Call for Project Networking Session Profiles

The project networking track of ESWC2022 will provide an opportunity to:

  • Share knowledge between research projects;

  • Transfer data and technology between projects;

  • Present and discuss project requirements and results with ESWC participants;

  • Discuss funding opportunities such as Horizon Europe and ERC.

What do the participants gain from the project networking session?

The project networking track is intended to provide research projects with the ability to connect with each other and engage in discussions about their respective research and development. It fosters opportunities for knowledge and technology sharing, and to identify complementary activities and goals. This can form the basis for future collaborations, research proposals, researcher exchange, or joint participation at events or initiatives.

Who is invited?

We equally welcome submissions from recently finished projects, which have results to transfer, as well as ongoing and reprojects, which are seeking datasets and tools to perform their work and would like to network and exchange know-how, expertise or info with other EU-funded projects.

What to expect from the network session? 

As the past two years most networking has taken place online, ESWC 2022 will offer you the opportunity to get to know researchers from different projects in a lightly organised setting. The network session chairs will match you with the most promising projects for you to talk to based on your profile during a series of ‘speed dates’. As the networking session will take place before the gala dinner, you can continue conversations with your best matches there!

When & where will the project networking session take place?

The Projects Networking Session will take place during ESWC 2022 – 31 May – 2 June, in Hersonissos, Crete.

How to apply?

Describe your project’s objective, what you would like to share with other projects and what you hope to find in other projects at:

This track will not be included in the proceedings, but your answers will be made available via the ESWC website to inform the community of the different projects in the session.


Send us your applications by Monday, 9 May 2022, 18:00 CET.
Notification: Friday 13 May.

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