Accepted Papers


Bingchao Wu, Chenglong Deng, Bei Guan, Yongji Wang and Yuxuan Kangyang Enhancing Sequential Recommendation via Decoupled Knowledge Graphs
Franz Baader, Patrick Koopmann, Francesco Kriegel and Adrian Nuradiansyah Optimal ABox Repair w.r.t. Static EL TBoxes: from Quantified ABoxes back to ABoxes
Jan Martin Keil and Merle Gänßinger The Problem with XSD Binary Floating Point Datatypes in RDF
Jieying Chen, Yue Ma, Rafael Peñaloza and Hui Yang Union and Intersection of all Justifications
Aleksandr Gashkov, Aleksandr Perevalov, Maria Eltsova and Andreas Both Improving Question Answering Quality Through Language Feature-based SPARQL Query Candidate Validation
Armin Haller, Axel Polleres, Daniil Dobriy, Nicolas Ferranti and Sergio José Rodríguez Méndez An Analysis of Links in Wikidata
Changlong Zou, Jingmin An and Guanyu Li Knowledge Graph Entity Type Prediction with Relational Aggregation Graph Attention Network
Muhammad Jaleed Khan, John G. Breslin and Edward Curry Expressive Scene Graph Generation using Commonsense Knowledge Infusion for Visual Understanding and Reasoning
Anna Primpeli and Christian Bizer Impact of the Characteristics of Multi-Source Entity Matching Tasks on the Performance of Active Learning Methods
Yujia Zhang, Marcin Pietrasik, Wenjie Xu and Marek Reformat Hierarchical Topic Modelling for Knowledge Graphs
Patrick Betz, Christian Meilicke and Heiner Stuckenschmidt Supervised Knowledge Aggregation for Knowledge Graph Completion
Unmesh Joshi and Jacopo Urbani Ensemble-based Fact Classification with Knowledge Graph Embeddings
N’Dah Jean Kouagou, Stefan Heindorf, Caglar Demir,and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo Learning Concept Lengths Accelerates Concept Learning in ALC
Mojtaba Nayyeri, Sahar Vahdati, Md Tansen Khan, Mirza Mohtashim Alam, Lisa Wenige, Andreas Behrend and Jens Lehmann Dihedron Algebraic Embeddings for Spatio-temporal Knowledge Graph Completion
Roos van Lookeren Campagne, David van Ommen, Mark Rademaker, Tom Teurlings, and Flavius Frasincar DCWEB-SOBA: Deep Contextual Word Embeddings-Based Semi-Automatic Ontology Building for Aspect-Based Sentiment Classification
Eduard Kamburjan, Vidar Klungre and Martin Giese Never Mind the Semantic Gap: Modular, Lazy and Safe Loading of RDF Data


Marta Contreiras Silva, Daniel Faria and Catia Pesquita Matching Multiple Ontologies to Build a Knowledge Graph for Personalized Medicine
Adam Sanchez-Ayte, Fabrice Jouanot and Marie-Christine Rousset CONSTRUCT queries performance on a Spark-based Big RDF triplestore
Ian Horrocks, Jordi Olivares, Valerio Cocchi, Boris Motik, and Dylan Roy The Dow Jones Knowledge Graph
Heikki Rantala, Esko Ikkala, Ville Rohiola, Mikko Koho, Jouni Tuominen, Eljas Oksanen, Anna Wessman and Eero Hyvönen FindSampo: A Linked Data Based Portal and Data Service for Analyzing and Disseminating Archaeological Object Finds


Zilong Liu, Meilin Shi, Krzysztof Janowicz, Blake Regalia, Stephanie Delbecque, Gengchen Mai, Rui Zhu, and Pascal Hitzler LD Connect: A Linked Data Portal for IOS Press Scientometrics
Tin Kuculo, Simon Gottschalk and Elena Demidova QuoteKG: A Multilingual Knowledge Graph of Quotes
Pasquale Lisena, Daniel Schwabe, Marieke van Erp, Raphaël Troncy, William Tullett, Inger Leemans, Lizzie Marx and Sofia Colette Ehrich Capturing the Semantics of Smell: The Odeuropa Data Model for Olfactory Heritage Information
Alexandre Bento, Lionel Médini, Kamal Singh and Frédérique Laforest Do Arduinos dream of efficient reasoners?
Serge Chávez-Feria, Raúl García-Castro, and María Poveda-Villalón Chowlk: from UML-based ontologyconceptualizations to OWL
Antonia Ettorre, Anna Bobasheva, Franck Michel and Catherine Faron Stunning Doodle: a Tool for Joint Visualization and Analysis of Knowledge Graphs and Graph Embeddings
Simone Persiani, Marilena Daquino and Silvio Peroni A programming interface for creating data according to the SPAR Ontologies and the OpenCitations Data Model
Patrik Schneider, Daniel Alvarez-Coello, Anh Le-Tuan,
Manh Nguyen-Duc, and Danh Le-Phuoc
Stream Reasoning Playground


Ganesh Ramanathan and Maria Husmann Semantic Description of Equipment and its Controls in Building Automation Systems
Efstratios Kontopoulos, Gerasimos Arvanitis, Alessandro Zanella, Panagiotis Mitzias, Evangelia I. Zacharaki, Pavlos Kosmides, Nikos Piperigkos, Konstantinos Moustakas and Aris S. Lalos Semantic Data Integration for Monitoring Operators’ Ergonomics in an Automotive Manufacturing Setting
Dongzhuoran Zhou, Baifan Zhou, Zhuoxun Zheng, Egor V. Kostylev, Gong Cheng, Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz, Ahmet Soylu and Evgeny Kharlamov Enhancing Knowledge Graph Generation with Ontology Reshaping – Bosch Case
Christian Dirschl, Jamie Schram, Jessica Kent and Quentin Reul “Semantify” business and content to meet demands for expert solutions in professional markets
Warren Del-Pinto, Renate A. Schmidt and Yongsheng Gao Extracting Subontologies from SNOMED CT
Baifan Zhou, Zhuoxun Zheng, Dongzhuoran Zhou, Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz, Gong Cheng, Trungkien Tran, Daria Stepanova, Mohamed H. Gad-Elrab, Nikolay Nikolov, Ahmet Soylu and Evgeny Kharlamov The Data Value Quest: A Holistic Semantic Approach at Bosch

Posters & Demos

Eero Hyvönen, Esko Ikkala, Mikko Koho, Rafael Leal, Heikki Rantala and Minna Tamper How to Search and Contextualize Scenes inside Videos for Enriched Watching Experience: Case Stories of the Second World War Veterans demo
Andreas Soularidis and Konstantinos Kotis Semantic modeling and reconstruction of drones’ trajectories poster
Jan Portisch, Guilherme Costa, Karolin Stefani, Katharina Kreplin, Michael Hladik and Heiko Paulheim Ontology Matching Through Absolute Orientation of Embedding Spaces poster
Mary Ann Tan, Etienne Posthumus and Harald Sack Audio Ontologies for Intangible Cultural Heritage poster
Christoph Braun and Tobias Käfer Self-Verifying Web Resource Representations using Solid, RDF-star and Signed URIs demo
Jan Portisch and Heiko Paulheim Walk this Way! Entity Walks and Property Walks for RDF2vec poster
Tim Grams, Honglin Li, Bo Tong, Ali Shaban and Tobias Weller Semantic Video Entity Linking demo
Zhuoxun Zheng, Baifan Zhou, Dongzhuoran Zhou, Gong Cheng, Ernesto Jiménez-Ruiz, Ahmet Soylu and Evgeny Kharlamov Query-based Industrial Analytics over Knowledge Graphs with SPARQL and Ontology Reshaping poster
Kunpeng Guo, Dhairya Khanna, Dennis Diefenbach, Aleksandr Perevalov and Andreas Both WikidataComplete – An easy-to-use method forrapid validation of text-extracted new factsapplied to the Wikidata knowledge graph demo
Pierre Maillot, Olivier Corby, Catherine Faron, Fabien Gandon and Franck Michel KartoGraphI: Drawing A Map Of Linked Data demo
Christophe Sarthou-Camy, Guillaume Jourdain, Yoan Chabot, Pierre Monnin, Frédéric Deuzé, Viet-Phi Huynh, Jixiong Liu, Thomas Labbé and Raphaël Troncy DAGOBAH UI: A New Hope For Semantic Table Interpretation demo
Nadia Yacoubi , Catherine Faron, Franck Michel, Fabien Gandon and Olivier Corby WeKG-MF: A Knowledge Graph of Observational Weather Data poster
Amir Laadhar, Christian Thomsen and Torben Bach Pedersen domOS Common Ontology: Web of Things Discovery in Smart Buildings demo
Emna Amdouni, Syphax Bouazzouni and Clement Jonquet O’FAIRe: a FAIRness assessment evaluator for ontologies and semantic resources demo
Muhammad Yahya, Baifan Zhou, Zhuoxun Zheng, Dongzhuoran Zhou, John G. Breslin, Muhammad Intizar Ali and Evgeny Kharlamov Towards Generalized Welding Ontology in line with ISO and Knowledge Graph Construction poster
Aleksandr Perevalov, Aleksandr Gashkov, Maria Eltsova and Andreas Both Towards Knowledge Graph-Agnostic SPARQL Query Validation for improving Question Answering demo
Anna Beer, Mauricio Brunet, Vibhav Srivastava and Maria-Esther Vidal Leibniz Data Manager – A Research Data Management System demo
Michael Freund, Thomas Wehr and Andreas Harth BLAST: Block Applications for Things demo
Binh Vu and Craig Knoblock SMC: A Tool for Creating Semantic Descriptions of Tabular Sources demo
Sijin Cheng and Olaf Hartig Towards Query Processing over Heterogeneous Federations of RDF Data Sources poster
Štěpán Stenchlák, Martin Nečaský, Petr Škoda and Jakub Klímek DataSpecer: A Model-Driven Approach to Managing Data Specifications demo
Hamada Zahera, Stefan Heindorf, Stefan Balke, Jonas Haupt, Martin Voigt, Carolin Walter, Fabian Witter and Axel Ngonga Tab2Onto: Unsupervised Semantification with Knowledge Graph Embeddings poster
Rita T. Sousa, Sara Silva and Catia Pesquita The Supervised Semantic Similarity Toolkit poster
Russa Biswas, Yiyi Chen, Heiko Paulheim, Harald Sack and Mehwish Alam It’s all in the Name: Entity Typing using Multilingual Language Models poster
Marta Contreiras Silva, Daniel Faria and Catia Pesquita Extending AgreementMakerLight to Perform Holistic Ontology Matching poster
Heikki Rantala, Eljas Oksanen and Eero Hyvönen Harmonizing and Using Numismatic Linked Data in Digital Humanities Research and Application Development: Case DigiNUMA poster
Maria Lomaeva and Nitisha Jain Relation Canonicalization in Open Knowledge Graphs: A Quantitative Analysis poster
Beatriz Esteves, Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel, Harshvardhan J. Pandit, Nicolas Mondada and Pat McBennett Using the ODRL Profile for Access Control for Solid Pod Resource Governance demo
Kārlis Čerāns, Julija Ovcinnikova, Mikus Grasmanis and Lelde Lace Towards UML-style Visual Queries over Wikidata demo

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